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Where was Daniel?

q.gif (1639 bytes)    I am studying Daniel and came across a curious thought.   Daniel is mentioned in verse 2 as receiving a position and status from Nebudchanezzar.  However in verse 3, the story is around the other 3 Hebrew boys, and Daniel is not mentioned!  Surely if Daniel were present at the dedication of the statue, he would have stood with his brethren in their refusal to worship the image.   We are told that all of the ranking members of the kingdom were required to be present at the statue unveiling.  Was not Daniel made chief of the rulers?   Where was Daniel during the time of this statue unveiling and the decree to fall down and worship the image?  What purpose did God have for this portion of scripture that he did not include Daniel with the other Hebrews, or that he excluded him?????


a.gif (1659 bytes)   I, too, believe that Daniel would not have bowed to that statue, but where he was, I cannot say, because the Bible does not say. There are many possibilities: he could have been tending to important business for the king that day which required him to be elsewhere at that time of the day; or he could have been home sick, etc.

    Praise God that we can give Daniel the benefit of a doubt, because he was so faithful to the Lord over the years. Would people do the same with us, because of the pattern of our lives? May it be so, by God's grace.

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