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How old was Moses?

q.gif (1639 bytes)  How old was Moses?


a.gif (1659 bytes)   Moses was 40 years old when he left Egypt. Acts 7:22-29 says, "And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds. And WHEN HE WAS FULL FORTY YEARS OLD, it came into his heart to visit his brethren the children of Israel. And seeing one of them suffer wrong, he defended him, and avenged him that was oppressed, and smote the Egyptian: For he supposed his brethren would have understood how that God by his hand would deliver them: but they understood not. And the next day he showed himself unto them as they strove, and would have set them at one again, saying, Sirs, ye are brethren; why do ye wrong one to another? But he that did his neighbour wrong thrust him away, saying, Who made thee a ruler and a judge over us? Wilt thou kill me, as thou diddest the Egyptian yesterday? Then fled Moses at this saying, and was a stranger in the land of Madian, where he begat two sons."

Moses was 80 years old when God called him to go back to Egypt and lead the children of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Exodus 7:7 says, "And MOSES WAS FOURSCORE YEARS OLD, and Aaron fourscore and three years old, when they spake unto Pharaoh." A "score" is twenty years, so fourscore would be eighty.

Moses was 120 years old when he died. Deuteronomy 34:5-7 says, "So Moses the servant of the LORD died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the LORD. And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day. And MOSES WAS AN HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS OLD WHEN HE DIED: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated."

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