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Welcome to the “Practical Christian Living Series” of the Liberty Bible Course. This series deals with how to have a good Christian appearance and testimony in this present world. Some appearances are clearly wrong. This booklet will address many so called “gray areas” in the matter of appearance. If studied with a sincere and an open heart, this booklet will help you draw some Scriptural lines. As it has been rightly stated, “If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything!” How true that is in the present day appearance of professing Christians. “Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.” (Titus 2:12).  This study is written to be used with the KING JAMES BIBLE, otherwise your answers are not going to be correct. Please get your Bible, and begin another exciting study in God’s Word, that just might change your life!


Chapter 1


I. Hair


A. The man’s hair.

    1. I Corinthians 11:14 says that if a man has long hair, it is a __________ unto him.

    2. That same verse says that “____________ itself” teaches a man that truth.

Note: When a man has long hair, it is a shame unto him, and thus he will feel self-conscious about it. The longer a man’s hair is, the more self-conscious he becomes. Watch a man with very long hair walk down the street. Many times he will keep looking back and forth, and all around him. Do you know why he keeps doing that? Because he feels self-conscious about his appearance, and he is wondering if anyone is looking at him. He probably does not even realize that he is doing it, but nature itself is telling him that he looks out of place.

Illustration: If short hair is natural for a man, then short hair makes him feel more masculine. If long hair is natural for a woman, then long hair makes her feel more feminine.

If a man has long hair, then he is taking upon himself a feminine appearance. This, in turn, may make him have some feminine characteristics. He walks differently because of his long hair. He bends over differently because of his long hair getting in the way. He starts to act and move and hold himself more like a woman than like a man.

Now stop and think of what has been said. The sin of Sodomy has increased greatly in the last 20-30 years. After considering the above facts, can you now see why? Men have started to wear their hair in an unnatural way, and have thus taken on some feminine characteristics.


Once they looked  unnatural, the next step was

to act   unnatural, and to commit  unnatural acts.


    3. Romans 1:27 says, “And likewise also the men, leaving the ______________ use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another.”


Question: If long hair on a man is unnatural, then why did God want Samson’s hair to remain uncut? Please read Judges 13:1-5,24, and answer the following questions.

    4.. The children of Israel did ____________ in the sight of God, so He delivered them into the hand of the Philistines forty years. (vs.1)

    5. Manoah’s wife was ____________ — she had no children. (vs.2)

    6. An __________ of the LORD appeared to the woman, and said she was going to conceive and have a son. (vs.3)

    7. Several restrictions were placed upon the woman:

        a. She was not to drink ________ nor ____________ drink. (vs.4a)

        b. She was not to eat any _____________ thing. (vs.4b)

        c. No __________ was to come on the child’s head. (vs.5a)

        d. The child was to be a _________________ unto God. (vs.5b)

Note: To discover what a Nazarite Vow consisted of, please turn to Numbers 6:1-6.

    7. A ______ or a __________ could separate themselves to take a vow of a Nazarite. (vs.2)

    8. They could drink no ________ or strong drink. (vs.3a)

    9. In fact, they could eat ______________ made of the vine (no product of grapes at all). (vss.3b,4)

    10. No __________ could come upon his/her head until the days of the vow were fulfilled. (vs.5)

    11. All the days of the vow, he/she could not touch a ________ body. (vs.6)

   12. At the end of the days of the Nazarite Vow, he/she was to __________ his/her head at the door of the tabernacle. (vs.18)

Note: The Nazarite Vow was normally only for a number of daysnot years. Thus, a man’s hair would not have normally gotten so long. Remember that after the vow was complete, he was to shave his head.

Another thing we do not know is exactly how long Samson’s hair got, nor how fast God caused it to grow.

But Samson’s hair was certainly longer than men normally wore their hair, so why would God want a man to take an extended Nazarite Vow, thus allowing his hair to get longer than nature so teaches? We do not have an exact answer for this, other than God wanted this man to stand out in a special way. Only God knows why He chose to do it this way.


It is interesting to notice the long-haired men

of the Bible, and how they were spiritually.


    13. Samson.

        a. Judges 14:1-4 reveals to us that Samson did not honor his parents. They were not happy that he wanted “a ________________ of the uncircumcised Philistines.” It was against God’s commands. (vs.3)

Note: Verse 4 is not saying that God approved of such a marriage (II Corinthians 6:14), but that He would use even Samson’s rebellion to accomplish His purpose.

        b. “Surely the __________ of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.” (Psalm 76:10)


Note: This means that God can turn around any situation for His glory. In this instance, God would use even Samson’s disobedience to judge the Philistines. Read Judges chapters 14 and 15 to discover how.

        c. Judges 16:1 says Samson went into an ____________.

        d. According to Judges 16:4, after the harlot, Samson loved another Philistine woman by the name of ______________.

        e. Verses 16,17 reveal that this was his ultimate downfall, as his soul was “vexed unto __________.”

      f. Then he “told her all his __________.” (vs.17)

Note: Samson’s life was characterized by rebellion, lust, and an early death. (Judges 16:30) What a shame that God was glorified more in Samson’s death, than in his life!

        g. What God really desires is “that ye present your bodies a ____________ sacrifice...” (Romans 12:1).


God wants us to live  for Him — not just to die  for Him.


    14. Absalom.

        — According to II Samuel 3:1-5, name the first six sons of David.

        a. ___________________. (vs.2)

        b. ___________________. (vs.3a)

        c. ___________________. (vs.3b)

        d. ___________________. (vs.4a)

        e. ___________________. (vs.4b)

        f. ___________________. (vs.5)

        g. The third son’s name was ______________.

        h. II Samuel 14:25 says of him: “But in all Israel there was none to be so much praised as Absalom for his ____________.”

        i. That same verse says “there was no ______________ in him.”

        j. Verse 26 then says he polled (cut) his hair “at every __________ end.”

        k. It says his hair “was __________ on him.”

Note: Absalom was a very handsome young man, with not a blemish on him. It further states that he only cut his hair once a year, and that it was very heavy upon him by the year’s end, in other words — very long.

        l. II Samuel 15:1 says that Absalom gathered chariots and horses, and __________ men to run before him.

        m. Then he flattered people in (vss.3-6) until he “__________ the hearts of the men of Israel.” (vs.6)

        n. Verse 10 reveals Absalom trying to take over his father’s throne as he spreads word: “Absalom ______________ in Hebron.”


Men with long hair seem to display rebellion in their lives.


Note: Look at the last 30 years in our country. Do you not see the same tendency in those that have long hair? Long-haired men have led revolutions in music, revolts in colleges, protests against wars, liberalism in politics, etc.

Question: What length hair is considered long on a man, and what is considered short?

Answer: Is hair over a man’s ears considered to be long hair? No one calls it short hair.

Is hair hanging down over a man’s collar considered to be long hair? No one calls it short hair.

Is hair down to a man’s shoulders considered to be long hair? No one calls it short hair.

Is hair down to the middle of a man’s back considered to be long hair? No one calls it short hair.


One thing quickly becomes clear — short hair  is easy

to define, but long hair  has many different lengths.


A man ought to wear his hair short (I Corinthians 11:14) — off the ears and collar. That way he is clearly obeying God. If a man wants to argue this point, it is because he desires to be like the world.

    15. I John 2:15 says, “Love not the __________, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

    16. But what about the love of God? That is exactly the point. “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not ________________.” (I John 5:3)

Note: If any man is grieved at having to have his hair short, then he loves the world’s styles more than he loves God.

Okay, so if a man is to wear his hair so it is unquestionably short, why not just have all men shave their heads?

    17. Ezekiel 44:20 says of the priests, “Neither shall they __________ their heads, nor suffer their locks to grow __________; they shall only poll their heads.”

Note: God’s will is not for men to shave their heads, nor to grow their hair long. God’s will is for a man to have a decent short haircut.


B. The woman’s hair.

    1. I Corinthians 11:15 says that if a woman has long hair, it is a __________ to her.

    2. That same verse says her hair is given to her for a ________________.

    3. Verse 10 of this same chapter refers to a covered woman as having “__________ on her head” (through prayer), because of the angels.

Note: God rewards the submissive woman with long hair by giving her glory, and by giving her power in prayer.

Question: What length is considered long hair on a woman, and what is considered short?

As we have earlier seen in our discussion of men’s hair, there are many different lengths of long hair. But everyone knows what is short hair.


A woman should never get her hair cut

anywhere near the length of a man’s short  hair.


That is: short on the sides, short in the back, and cut to lay flat on the head like a man’s haircut. Such a haircut causes confusion between a man and a woman. The result of that confusion will be dealt with later in the section on clothes.

Conclusion: If you are a man, and questioning whether your hair is too long — it probably is. If you are a woman, and you are now wondering whether your hair is too short — it probably is. Why not have your hair unquestionably right for God’s glory?



    1. If a man has long hair, it is a __________ to him.

    2. No one should even have to teach a man that, because ____________ itself teaches him that truth.

    3. If short hair is natural for a man, then it makes him feel more __________________, and long hair makes him feel more ________________.

    4. Give the names of two long-haired, rebellious men:



   5. If a man is grieved at having to have his hair short, then he loves the ____________ styles more than he loves God.

    6. God did not want the priests to __________ their heads, neither did He want them to let their locks grow ________ — He just wanted them to have decent haircuts.

    7. If a woman has long hair, it is a __________ to her.

    8. A woman’s hair is given to her for a ________________.

    9. A woman should never get her hair cut anywhere near the length of a __________ short hair.

   10. Why not have your hair unquestionably __________ for God’s glory?


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