This Salvation Bible Course Booklet is lovingly dedicated to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us, and died for us that we might be saved from all of our sins; and also to the memory of His servant:

Ken Miller


a deacon of the Liberty Baptist Church for many years.  He wholeheartedly gave himself to getting out the Gospel: by going out  soulwinning, by preaching in the park, by handing out gospel tracts, by giving his farm wagon to use as a gospel float in the parades, by teaching Sunday School, and more.  How about you?  Have you come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  Are you serving Him?  View Brother Ken's life story called, "Walking On Thin Ice!"  (Tract #TR-E-112)



Bible Study Course


Welcome to the Liberty Bible Course! Please get a KING JAMES translation of the Bible, and refer to the front index if you need help in locating the Books of the Bible. The number before the colon (:) refers to the chapter, and the number or numbers after it refer to the verse or verses. Fill in the blanks with the proper answer from the Bible. May God richly guide and bless you in this study!


Chapter 1


I. See That All Have Sinned.

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)


A. What is sin?

1. According to 1 John 3:4, sin is the ________________________ of the law.


What does it mean to “transgress” the law?

It has two basic meanings:

#1 — “To go beyond what the law allows.”

#2 — “Not to do as much as the law commands.”


Note: Please notice the following two examples in Scripture.

2. James 2:11 says that if you ________ someone, you become a transgressor of the law — you have gone beyond what the law allows.

3. According to James 2:8,9, if you show respect (in the form of partiality) toward certain people, then you are a transgressor, because you are to love your _______________ as yourself — you have not done the minimum of what the law requires.

Note: Although killing someone is a more serious crime than not loving one’s neighbor, they are both sin. One is going beyond what the law allows, and the other is not doing the least that the law requires. This last point is not often thought of as sin, but it is.

4. James 4:17 tells us that if we know to do ________, and do not do it, then we are committing sin.

5. It is not just the big crimes that are sin, but all disobedience, according to James 2:10. It says that if you obey the whole law, and yet disobey in one point, you are __________ of all.

Illustration: The speed laws out on the expressway are a good picture of this truth. The speed limit at the present time is ____ miles per hour. If you go 1 m.p.h. faster than that, are you breaking the law? ____. But there is also another speed law out on the expressway, which says that you must at least go ____ miles per hour. If you go 1 m.p.h. slower than that, are you breaking the law? ____. You will probably not receive a ticket unless you are going well above or well below the speed law, but do you see that just 1 m.p.h. places you outside the boundaries of the law? ____.


In the same way, we have all transgressed God’s law.

At times, we have gone beyond what He allows.

At other times, we have not done the least

which He has commanded.


Question: Do you realize that you are a sinner; that is, that you have transgressed the law of God? q YES q NO


B. Why is there sin in the world?

1. According to Romans 5:12, sin entered into the world by one ________.

2. Romans 5:14 tells us the name of the first man to transgress or sin. What was his name? ________

3. In Genesis 1:27, it tells us that man was created in the image of ______.

4. Genesis 1:31 says that everything that God has made (including man) was very ________.

Note: It is obvious that man was not created as a sinner, because he was created in the image, the likeness (morally, intellectually, and emotionally) of God. So where did man ever get the idea to sin?

5. When God created man, where did He place him to live and work, according to Genesis 2:15 _________________________________


6. Genesis 2:16,17 shows us that there was only one law and one penalty in that place. What were they?

a. The law —


b. The penalty —


Note: The tree was named that, because man had never experienced disobedience or evil before; but if he chose to disobey and eat of it, he would have personal knowledge of doing both good and evil.

7. According to Genesis 2:21-23, what did God make out of Adam’s rib? ______________

8. In Genesis 3:1-5, Satan, through a serpent, tempted the woman to ______ of the forbidden tree.

9. Who ate of the tree first — the man, or the woman? ________________ (vs. 6)

Note: Romans 5:12 declares that sin entered into the world by one ______.


Even though it was the woman who ate of it first,

it was Adam who was held responsible  for such an action.

He was right there with her and did not stop her,

even though he knew that it was wrong.


Illustration: When the space shuttle Challenger exploded on takeoff, it was not the workers who installed the faulty seals who were blamed. The blame did not rest upon the workers who inspected the space shuttle that morning. The blame rested upon the one in charge who gave permission to launch, when there was the possibility of trouble. Even so, Adam, the one in charge, was held responsible for the disaster of sin, because he could have stopped it from happening.


C. Why do we sin?

1. Romans 5:19 tells us that by one man’s (Adam’s) disobedience, many were made _________.

2. Psalm 51:5 states that we were born or conceived in _______.

3. According to Job 14:4, you cannot bring something clean out of something __________.


Because of Adam and Eve’s sin, we are also born in sin.

The process of conception and birth are not sinful in themselves,

but it is the sin nature that is passed down from the parents

to the children at the moment of conception.


Illustration: Doctors tell us that a baby born of a mother addicted to drugs will also be addicted. The baby will actually be born craving that drug, and it will experience withdrawal symptoms if it is withheld.

Sin is passed down in much the same way. The first parents, Adam and Eve, tasted of sin; and since that time, every baby of human parents has been born with a nature craving and desiring sin. It is what we call the “sin nature”.


No one has to teach you how to sin — you do it

“naturally”. In fact, if you are honest with yourself,

you find it easier to do wrong than to do right.

No one has to teach a child how to get mad or how

to lie, because it is in his very “nature” to do such things.


4. Romans 3:23 tells us that ______ people have sinned.

5. In Ecclesiastes 7:20, we read that there is not a just man anywhere upon __________, that does only good and never sins.

6. 1 John 1:10 says that we are calling God a ________ if we say that we have not sinned.

Note: We are not only sinners by nature, but also sinners by choice. We were born as sinners, but we cannot blame all of our sin upon Adam and Eve, nor upon our parents; because we have, time after time, made the choice to sin.


We often hear people blame crime upon their

“environment,” or upon their “surroundings,”

as if they had no choice but to commit the crime.

But it is not big cities and crowds that cause

crime — it is man’s sinful heart.


Illustration:Take, for example, the crime of murder. Please take your Bible and turn to Genesis chapter 4, and discover the background of the first murder.

a. What were the names of the first four people upon earth, according to verses 1 and 2? ________ ________ ________ ________

b. Verse 8 reveals that the first murder did not take place in a large city, but out in a __________.

c. That verse also shows us that the first murderer did not kill a stranger, but his very own ______________.

d. The motive for the murder, according to verses 4-9, was not that Cain needed anything from Abel, but that Cain was ______________ of Abel’s better offering.

Note: So the very first person to ever be born, Cain (Adam & Eve were directly created by God, not naturally born of earthly parents), made the choice to kill his very own brother.

Question: Do you realize that you were not only born with a sin nature, but that you have also made the choice to sin countless times?   q YES q NO



1. What is sin?

    a. It is the __________________________ of the law.

    b. It is committed by going beyond what the law ____________, or not doing as much as it ________________.

2. Why is there sin in the world?

    a. We cannot blame it upon God, because everything He created was pronounced as being very ________.

    b. Sin came into the world because Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command not to eat of the ________________________________


3. Why do we sin?

    a. Because we are ________ with a sin nature.

    b. Also, because, time after time, we have made the ___________ to sin.

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