Why do Christians accept false doctrine?


My question is mainly about the Trinity. I noticed that some of your answers to such questions as Mark 13:29-32, never actually answer the question. Your simple answer is that the Trinity cannot be understood. My question is, if you were reading the Bible without the influences of the Trinitarian thought, would you come up with it on your own study? And if yes, why would you come up with something that you yourself admitted could not be understood? How can you have a personal relationship with a God that is undefined? Also, I thoroughly enjoyed your responses advocating against women pastors. It is clear to me that the gospel you preach is against women pastors, as it should be. My question here is, I am sure you believe that you are preaching the one true gospel. So why does Christianity accept false doctrines as OK? Example, you preach a gospel that denies women pastoral duties. But other Christians preach a gospel that does allow for women pastors. Christianity still accepts them as being saved, even though they are preaching another gospel. This is strange. thanks for your time,


I assume that you read the following question and answer on the Web Site here. Please carefully read it again. I think you will find that I was not ignoring the question, but was indeed answering it with Scripture.Continue reading