Why did the Spirit descend on the Messiah?


What do you think the purpose of the Messiah having the Spirit descend on Him like a dove was in Matt 3:16? And why did it descend on Him? Didn’t He already have it? Also, why was He baptized? What does “..to fulfill all righteousness” mean?


You have asked a good question. We were just in a parade on Labor Day with a Scripture float, and we handed out Gospel tracts before the parade started. An elderly man I talked to brought up the matter of the Holy Spirit coming upon Jesus at His baptism, and the significance of it.Continue reading

What is the difference between being “filled” with the Holy Ghost, and being “baptized” by the Holy Ghost?


Act 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. My question is about “filling with the Holy Ghost”. I have came to a conclusion that “filling with the Holy Ghost” and “baptism of the Holy Ghost” are two separate events. It seems that “baptism of the holy ghost” happens when a person becomes a believer and is accepted into the family of God. baptism of the holy ghost” occurs for the power to perform God’s service ie; gifts, etc. Everyone is “baptized with the holy ghost” but perhaps NOT everyone is “filled with the holy ghost”. I believe that possible God does the filling for those who desire service, or those that he puts in service. Does any of this make sense?Continue reading