Why do Christians eat pork?


The flesh of the swine forbidden  (a) “Of their flesh (of the swine) shall ye NOT EAT, and their carcass ye shall NOT TOUCH; they are unclean to you ” LEVITICUS 11:8 Jesus destroyed 2000 pigs to heal one man- (b) “And forthwith Jesus gave them leave (permission). And the unclean spirits (the devils) went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea (they were about two thousand); and were choked in the sea MARK 5:13.   So why do Christians eat pork?Continue reading

Because of the possibility of killing someone, should a Christian be a police officer?


Is it ok for a Christian to be a police officer, and kill people in order to protect others and yourself? Or are you not allowed to kill anybody for any reason, expect if it is an accident? Or is it not a sin to kill bad people that break the law? I heard someone on the radio say that “God is the only one who gives life and has the right to take life away.” And that we surely have no right to take life away.Continue reading

The love of God or the fear of God?


My question last week was more asking how you think that putting up something like, “be thou not among wine bibbers” will ever make a person with alcohol problems think that Jesus even wants to help them.  I never see things on your sign that say anything about the healing they can find in Christ.   I don’t doubt that you want to call people to repentance, as do many churches in this area.  I do, however, think that your signs will keep people from ever wanting to set foot in your doors.  How can you reach them if they never talk to you?Continue reading

Are we to hate the lost in hell?


How should we regard souls that have already perished?  Does God still love those who are lost or does he lose his love for them after they have died?  Or Does God only truly love those that he knows are going to be saved?  Even though I have a brother who has perished, I still think on him and even still love him even though im the only one I know of in my family who believes he is in hell. (He died of a drug overdose, and I know from evidence of his life that he was not a repentant Christian).  The pain of remembering him never goes away.  Basically, I do not know how to regard those who have rejected God, I suppose I should hate them along with God, although I dont know how I can be happy with God for all eternity knowing that people I know are burning below me.Continue reading

Do you believe in ghosts?


What does the Bible say about ghosts and stuff like that? I don’t believe in them, I’m just wondering if there are some verses that speak of such things.


The word “ghost” can be used several ways: (1) the seat of life or intelligence; soul; (2) a disembodied soul; the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world, and appearing in bodily likeness; (3) spirit, demon. (Merriam Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary). Some of that definition fits what the Bible teaches, and some does not.Continue reading