How do you deal with an agnostic?


I have a non-believing friend who grew up in a Baptist, not necessarily Christian, home. He claims to be agnostic, believes in evolution, says he is moral and has no need of forgiveness. Recently, he proudly informed me that he purchased a King James Bible to read for himself. A mutual friend told me yesterday, that our agnostic friend had given him several New Testament verses that were contradictory and asked that he explain that. I looked up one of the verses in Matthew and it said something about criminals on the cross not believing, while the other scripture mentioned that one believed. We are thinking that our friend has not had time to read the Old Testament yet, let alone discover seemingly contradictory scripture on his own. We are thinking that some agnostic society, Jehovah Witness, or Mormon has brought this to his attention. Even so, we are not sure how to respond. Any ideas?Continue reading