Would people live forever if they could eat of the tree of life?


In Gen 3:22 God says “He must not be allowed to eat of the tree of life and live forever”(paraphrased). What was the need for the tree of life originally? One of the penalties Adam suffered for disobeying God was losing eternal life? Did he have eternal life before eating the fruit? Had he not disobeyed, the tree seems to be unnecessary. In referring to the other people that would be punished 7 times over for harming Cain. Where did these people come from? Are there big gaps in time in the writing of Genesis? Thank you.Continue reading

Where was Daniel?


I am studying Daniel and came across a curious thought.   Daniel is mentioned in verse 2 as receiving a position and status from Nebudchanezzar.  However in verse 3, the story is around the other 3 Hebrew boys, and Daniel is not mentioned!  Surely if Daniel were present at the dedication of the statue, he would have stood with his brethren in their refusal to worship the image.   We are told that all of the ranking members of the kingdom were required to be present at the statue unveiling.  Was not Daniel made chief of the rulers?   Where was Daniel during the time of this statue unveiling and the decree to fall down and worship the image?  What purpose did God have for this portion of scripture that he did not include Daniel with the other Hebrews, or that he excluded him?????Continue reading

Did Elisha give a false prophecy?


My question relates to 2 Kings and the prophecies Elisha gave concerning the King and his illness and eventual murder.

    It is assumed that since the King did not recover, but was killed that the first prophecy was false and, therefore, one of the Lord’s prophets is a false prophet. So, if Elisha could be a false prophet and still be a man of God and followed, so can Mormon prophets.

    The reason I ask this is because I’m in a discussion with a Mormon who has pointed this scene out to me.

    Thank you for your time.Continue reading

Who was Melchizedek?


Will you give me a run-down on Melchizedek? In Genesis chapter 14:18, he was the king of Sodom and also the priest of the most high God. I don’t understand all of this, I need your help. Thank you.Continue reading