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Welcome to the second series in the Liberty Bible Course! This series deals with the two places in which people will spend all of eternity — either in heaven, or in hell. This course is designed to be used with the KING JAMES BIBLE, otherwise your answers are going to be wrong. Please get your Bible, and begin another exciting study in God’s Word!


Chapter 1


I. Why Was Hell Created?


A. It was created because of Satan.

    1. According to Matthew 25:41, “everlasting fire” or “hell” was created for the __________ and his angels.


This tells us that the original cause for hell

being created was not because of man, but because of

the devil and his angels (we refer to his angels as “demons”).


    2. Ezekiel 28:11-19 is a passage directed against the wicked human king of Tyrus, but it goes beyond the mere human king to the wicked one behind him - the devil. This is clear because of the things attributed to this person.

        a. Verse 12 says he was once “________ of wisdom.”

        b. That same verse says he was “______________ in beauty.”

        c. The next verse says he had been “in ________ the garden of God.”

        d. It also states that his ________________ was every precious stone.

        e. Verse 13 also states that on a certain day he was ______________ - as opposed to being conceived by two parents.

        f. The next verse says his position was that of the anointed ____________.

        g. Verse 15 says he was ______________ in his ways from the day that he was created.

Note: The references here clearly go beyond the human king of Tyrus. It is very descriptive language indicating that the human king of Tyrus is much like someone else — that “someone” being the devil! But why did God create hell for the devil, if the devil was so wise, beautiful, and perfect?


— Why was hell created?

B. It was created because of sin.

    1. Ezekiel 28:15 said that Satan was beautiful and perfect “till ______________ was found in thee.”

    2. Verse 16 clearly says, “thou hast ____________: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God.”

    3. Satan’s sin is shown to be pride over his ____________ and brightness. (vs.17)

    4. Proverbs 16:18 tells us that, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a ________.”

Note: The king of Tyrus had experienced great wealth, beauty, and opportunities. His case was a good example of the devil’s opportunities, so the Scripture uses it to tell us what happened to Satan to bring about his fall. But why make a special place for the devil and his angels?


— Why was hell created?

C. Hell was created because of the need for separation.

    1. Please read Luke 16:19-31, and answer the following questions.

        a. The rich man in hell saw “Abraham ________ off.” (vs.23)

        b. Verse 26 says, “between us and you there is a great ________ fixed:” (a wide and deep space).

        c. That verse also goes on to say, “they which would ________ from hence to you cannot; neither can they ________ to us, that would come from thence.”

Illustration: The need to separate wicked people from righteous people is clear — that is why jails are built.

Jails keep wicked people “afar off” from honest, law-abiding people. Between honest people and criminals there are placed bars, wide courtyards, high fences, and guards.

It is interesting to note the many problems with the jail systems of today.


It may surprise you, but God never made any

provisions for a jail system like we have. He taught

His people to do four basic things when a crime,

or apparent crime, had been committed.



#1 - Cities of Refuge

#2 - Capital Punishment

#3 - Corporal Punishment

#4 - Restitution


The first one — “Cities of Refuge.”


These were specially designated cities that were to protect people “which killeth any person at ________________.” (Numbers 35:11) (“Unawares” means to kill someone “accidentally” or “by mistake.”)

This matter today is called “negligent homicide.” Deuteronomy 19:1-5 gives an example of this by telling of two men cutting wood, and the ________ of the axe coming off the handle and striking a neighbor so that he dies. It was an unintentional act, so it was not considered to be “murder.”

Although a person who accidentally killed someone was not physically punished or put into jail, there was a serious reminder to be more careful in the future. According to Numbers 35:11,12,22-28, he had to go live in a city of refuge until the death of the ______________________, then he could return to live in his own land. (vs.28)


The second one — “Capital Punishment.”


This refers to putting a person to death for his crimes. Deuteronomy 19:10-13 teaches that murderers are to be put to __________ for their crimes.

The elders or leaders of the cities of refuge were responsible to hear the evidence and allow justice to be done, or else they became guilty of innocent blood.

Numbers 35:30 states that more than ______ witness is needed to convict someone of murder, and thus sentenced to die. This protected against putting an innocent person to death.

You can read Leviticus 20 for a list of other crimes that required the death penalty.


Note: Is Capital Punishment still in effect today? Yes, according to Romans 13:1-4, “the higher powers” (the government) is now the “________________ to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” (vs.4) That same verse also says that “he beareth not the __________ in vain.” That instrument was a weapon to kill. So God has ordained the government to execute the death penalty today.


The third one — “Corporal Punishment.”


This is physical punishment. Deuteronomy 25:1-3 states that a convicted criminal may be given up to “__________ stripes.” (vs.3) This was the number of times that a person could be whipped for his crimes. The judge was to decide the proper number.


The fourth one — “Restitution.”


It means “to make things right with the owner.” Exodus 22:1-4 says that if a man steals an ox or a sheep, and kills it, or sells it, he has to restore ________ oxen for an ox, and ________ sheep for a sheep. Verse 4 says that if he is caught before he has time to kill or sell it, he has to restore ____________ to the owner.

This can be applied to anything stolen and/or damaged. If a boy steals a package of gum and is caught outside the door by the store detective, then he should be made to give the gum back, and also to pay for the gum. He thus learns that crime does not pay — but costs! He had to pay for the gum, but ended up with nothing.

If the boy had been caught outside of the door having already ripped open the package and chewing a piece of gum, then the gum could obviously not be returned and sold to a customer. Thus, he now has to pay back 4 to 5 times the price of the gum. Now he really learns that crime does not pay when you destroy or consume people’s property! He pays all of that money, and still ends up with nothing.

This Biblical principle works with anything stolen — from gum, all the way to cars and other expensive items.


If these four things were practiced (capital punishment,

corporal punishment, and restitution), there would be no

need for jails, except to hold people awaiting trial (the

cities of refuge held people awaiting trial in God’s plan).


Vicious criminals would be put to death, thus endangering no more people, nor living off honest people. Lesser crimes would be met out with physical punishment, and restitution to the one whose property was stolen and/or damaged.

Although, for the most part, Biblical punishment is not followed (which is why something like 80% of criminals will be back in prison again, and also why financially jails and prisons are breaking state budgets because of the tremendous cost to feed and house the growing number) - despite all that, it is interesting to note that people still realize that criminals have to be separated somehow from law-abiding citizens.


If people realize that upon earth, there needs to be

such a separation for a life of peace, how much more

should they realize that such a separation must also be

present for all eternity, or there would be no peace,

safety, and happiness in heaven?


Can you imagine all of eternity with ungodly people sneaking around causing trouble here and there? Why, such a place would be no better than on earth right now!

It would not be true justice if people who have rejected Jesus Christ were let into heaven — no more than if a vicious murderer received a suspended sentence, and was allowed to live right next to you. You would be furious at the judge, and would fear for your life.


If a person refuses to accept Jesus Christ now because

he enjoys his sin too much, then what makes you think he

will change any because he is let into heaven? If he did as

he pleased in life, and was still let into heaven, then

what is there to stop him from doing as he pleases in heaven?


Evil has to be separated from good, if true paradise and peace are to be experienced. So hell was created to separate good from evil forever.



    1. Hell was created for the __________ and his angels.

    2. Satan is a ______________ being, as opposed to being conceived by two persons, and then born.

    3. Satan’s position was that of the anointed ______________.

    4. Satan was beautiful and perfect till ________________ was found in him.

    5. Satan’s sin was pride over his ____________ and brightness.

    6. Hell was also created because of the need to ______________ the wicked from the righteous.

    7. God never ordained the “jail system” as we know it today. What four things did He ordain to take care of criminals or apparent criminals?





    8. If a person steals something and kills, destroys, or sells it, he has to restore ________ times the amount to the owner.

    9. If a thief is caught before he has had a chance to kill, destroy, or sell the object, then he has to pay the owner ____________ the amount.

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