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7. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit indwells and seals every true believer the moment that he/she gets saved?      Yes No

8. Do you believe that man is a sinner, and is going to hell unless he gets saved?  Yes No

9. Do you believe that people who do not receive the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior, will spend eternity being tormented in a literal lake of fire?     Yes No

10. Do you believe in a literal place called paradise or heaven, where saved people go immediately upon death?    Yes No

11. Do you believe that the sinless blood of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can cleanse a person from his sin?   Yes No

12. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is coming back for the church before the Tribulation Period starts?    Yes No

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____English Gospel Tracts____

TR-E-101 - What To Tell A Person Who Has Five Minutes To Live

TR-E-102 - My Dear Friend

TR-E-103 - It's About Time!

TR-E-104 - What Does The Future Hold For You?

TR-E-105 - Is There Freedom?

TR-E-106 - From The Streets To The Savior

TR-E-107 - My Christmas Wish List

TR-E-108 - Living Life In The Fast Lane

TR-E-109 - I'm Not Interested!

TR-E-110 - The Last Curve of the Last Lap

TR-E-111 - After The Earthquake A Fire

TR-E-112 - Walking On Thin Ice

TR-E-113 - Sorrow Turned To Joy

TR-E-114 - A Load Too Great For The Engineer's Scale

TR-E-115 - A Double Brush With Death

TR-E-116 - Which Way Are You Going?

TR-E-117 - On The Run!

TR-E-118 - If You Can Lose It

TR-E-119 - Lost & Found

TR-E-120 - Are You Prepared For Such An Hour?

TR-E-121 - The Big One Is Coming

TR-E-122 - Emergency 911

TR-E-123 - Look A Little Closer

TR-E-124 - I Just Cannot Take One More... Rejected

TR-E-125 - Are You Thirsty Yet?

TR-E-126 - Killer Kids

TR-E-127 - Do Not Open This

TR-E-128 - Two Deadly Viruses: H.I.V., N.I.V.

TR-E-129 - The American Dream

TR-E-130 - Tattoos

TR-E-131 - Signs of the Messiah

TR-E-132 - In Due Time

TR-E-133 - Are You Faster Than Lightning?

TR-E-134 - Which Lives Matter?

TR-E-135 - Crime - How Do We Stop It?

TR-E-136 - Celebrate Freedom!

TR-E-137 - We Want Lower Taxes

TR-E-138 - Caught In The Crossfire

TR-E-139 - Wake Up & Die Right!

TR-E-140 - What Will Happen To You?

TR-E-141 - Searching... In sickness & in stress

TR-E-142 - The World's Biggest Stumbling Stone

TR-E-143 - Women Preachers?

TR-E-144 - Don't Try and Hide... Face It!

TR-E-145 - In Which Hand Are You?

TR-E-146 - Finding Refuge In The Wrong Place

TR-E-147 - What Does It Mean To Be A Born-Again Christian?

TR-E-148 - The Results of Your Vote On Election Day & Judgment Day

TR-E-149 - God Bless America?

TR-E-150 - Trouble Turned To Triumph

TR-E-151 - Tsunami!

TR-E-152 - Why Being Good Is Not Good Enough

TR-E-153 - I'm 95% Sure

TR-E-154 - Rick Warren, Exposed

TR-E-155 - What Does It Take?

TR-E-156 - Pierced Jewelry

TR-E-157 - False Ideas About Hell

TR-E-158 - Drums In The Church?

TR-E-159 - Path To Paradise

TR-E-160 - Muslim's Best Friend

TR-E-161 - Why Does God Call Sodomites Dogs?

TR-E-162 - Stimulus Package

TR-E-163 - Hot Line To Hell

TR-E-164 - Which One Is Old Testament?

TR-E-165 - Flu Virus HBLV-1825

TR-E-166 - Bank Robber

TR-E-167 - Global Warming

TR-E-168 - NIV Ultimate Test

TR-E-169 - Talk To Me!

TR-E-170 - Happy Halloween!

TR-E-171 - NIV Or Weatherman - Which Is More Accurate?

TR-E-172 - NKJV Or Weatherman - Which Is More Accurate?

TR-E-173 - NASV Or Weatherman - Which Is More Accurate?

TR-E-174 - Washington Defies God

TR-E-175 - Pastor Found Guilty

TR-E-176 - Storms In The Night

TR-E-177 - Who really owns the Holy Land?

TR-E-178 - Would Jesus Buy It?

TR-E-179 - Rock Music - Satan's Web

TR-E-180 - Ten Commandments

TR-E-181 - Final Exam

TR-E-182 - Sandy Hook, Horror & Hypocrisy

TR-E-183 - Swallowed Alive!

TR-E-184 - Rain or Shine

TR-E-185 - The Good Samaritan

TR-E-186 - Good News for All Ages

TR-E-187 - What's Inside?

TR-E-188 - To Tell The Truth

TR-E-189 - Corvette, All-American Idol

TR-E-190 - The Empty Tomb

TR-E-191 - The Sky Is On Fire!

TR-E-192 - Las Vegas, Gambling With Your Life!

TR-E-193 - Insured To Death!


____English Bible Courses____

BC-E-101 - Salvation

BC-E-102 - Baptism

BC-E-103 - Church

BC-E-104 - Hell

BC-E-105 - Heaven

BC-E-106 - The Christian's Appearance

BC-E-107 - Eternal Security

BC-E-108 - Music

BC-E-109 - Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

BC-E-110 - Marriage Part 1

BC-E-111 - Marriage Part 2

BC-E-112 - Marriage Part 3

BC-E-113 - Marriage Part 4

BC-E-114 - Marriage Part 5

BC-E-115 - Marriage Part 6

BC-E-116 - Charismatic Movement Part 1

BC-E-117 - Charismatic Movement Part 2

BC-E-120 - Money Part 1

BC-E-121 - Money Part 2

BC-E-123 - The Christian's Armor

BC-E-124 - Examining The New King James Version Part 1

BC-E-125 - Examining The New King James Version Part 2

BC-E-126 - Examining The New International Version Part 1

BC-E-127 - Examining The New International Version Part 2

BC-E-128 - Examining The New International Version Part 3

BC-E-129 - Examining Islam Part 1

BC-E-130 - Examining Islam Part 2

BC-E-131 - Examining Islam Part 3

BC-E-201 - Genesis Part 1

BC-E-202 - Genesis Part 2


____English Miscellaneous Literature____

Daily Bible Reading Schedule

Prayer List



___Espa˝ol / Spanish___

____Espa˝ol / Spanish  Gospel Tracts____

TR-SP-102 - Mi Buen Amigo (My Dear Friend)

TR-SP-127 - ¡No Esto! Abrir (Do Not Open This!)

TR-SP-136 - Celebre La Libertad! (Celebrate Freedom)

TR-SP-142 - La Piedra De Tropiezo Mas Grande Del Mundo (Stumblingstone)

TR-SP-147 - ¿Qué Quiere Decir Ser Un Cristiano Nacido de Nuevo? (Born Again)

TR-SP-152 - ¡Porque Siendo Bueno No Es Suficiente! (Being Good Not Enough)

TR-SP-157 - ¡Chécalo! Siete Ideas Falas Acerca Del Infierno (False Ideas About Hell)

TR-SP-159 - ¿Están Los Testigos De Jehová en La Senda Al Paraiso?  (Path To Paradise)

TR-SP-186 - Buenas Noticias Para Todas Edades (Good News)


____Espa˝ol / Spanish  Bible Courses____

BC-SP-101 - Salvation

BC-SP-102 - Baptism

BC-SP-107 - Eternal Security

BC-SP-108 - Music




____Portuguese Gospel Tracts____

TR-PO-101 - What To Tell A Person Who Has Five Minutes To Live

TR-PO-102 - My Dear Friend

TR-PO-103 - It's About Time

TR-PO-104 - What Does The Future Hold?


____Portuguese Bible Courses____

BC-PO-101 - Salvation

BC-PO-102 - Baptism

BC-PO-103 - Church

BC-PO-104 - Hell

BC-PO-105 - Heaven

BC-PO-107 - Eternal Security

BC-PO-109 - Drinking Alcoholic Beverages



___South African___

____South African Gospel Tracts____

TR-A-102 - My Dear Friend




This gospel literature is offered free of charge as the Lord provides for us to do so.  Each order is prayerfully considered, but we reserve the right to refuse or reduce the size of any order.

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